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So.. who owns this underground cable/pipe?

So... can someone please confirm if this is your underground asset? Is that PUB? or errrr is that PowerGrid? or PowerGas? Oh wait could it be my in-house cable / pipe? Who do i look for???

Don't kan-cheong, don't panic, rest assured we will always to be on site with you to verify the cables and pipes, and identify their ownership or sources successfully.

Below is a photo from our recent site verification by our experienced Licensed Cable Detection Worker at Yishun Street 42. Hmm, can you tell what that blue mark leads to?

You're right, its the internal lamp post in the school compound!

We are glad to be able to clear up the mist on the unknown cable and pipes underground for our client, Foundation Alliance Pte Ltd to proceed with earthworks smoothly. Hope to see the project to be built and serve its purpose in a year ++ time :D!

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