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We provide Comprehensive, Reliable
As-Built data that allow you to:

Design, Plan and Work with Confidence.

In 2008, our founder set out to carry out services detection works, with a vision to provide reliable cables, pipes detection plans that allow designers and contractors a peace of mind when designing or carrying out works.

With over 14 years of profound knowledge in the construction sector and underground detection, he took few apprentices under his wings and taught them the ways to locate underground services.


In 2016, SD Technical Services was established to include different aspects in providing quality as-built data of the underground space (geophysical) and building sector. 


Today, our founder and team of specialists remains hands on to all our projects. Our vision remains firmly rooted, yet we stay open-minded to change. We are constantly upgrading ourselves to stay ahead of ever-changing landscape of technology advancements. We work towards sustainable underground space data for our future generation in the building, construction industry.

As a team of experienced Licensed Workers, Engineers and Surveyors, we strive to give accurate assessment of underground services, and recommend procedures for your design / works to become a reality with ease.

What's even better? Our field team is armed with the various latest calibrated equipment, ready to take on new projects, challenges and lead in our field.

We are flexible and sizeable to fit to your project's requirements, no matter big or small. Talk to us today and we can work something out together!

Certified BizSAFE Level 3 and registered in BCA's CRS, we ensure works are carried out safely for cable/services detection, geospatial mapping, trial trench surveying works in Singapore.

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