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Carrying out trial holes according to Authority covid-19 safety measures.

In these tough times, let us all stay vigilant and do our part to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

Our company have put in place safety health measures, such as making sure our staffs wear masks and allocating lesser workers to a team. We minimise meetings and communicate through various channels online - WhatsApp groups, Skype etc., to ensure schedules stay right on track.

While you are covered up safely for COVID-19, we still carry out our trial holes safely.

And that is: from authority applications, safety barricading, verifying underground services, to careful reinstatement. No steps to be missed even though more health safety measures have been implemented.

Fig. 1 Our trial hole exposing an underground service

Do wash your hands, be socially responsible and stop panic buying toilet rolls.

Fig. 2 Empty shelves due to panic buying (credits to The Business Times)

Stay safe, just like how we handle our trial hole works!

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